Welcome to my bakery

Looking at the world right now, we all have some spare time. I’ve decided to take advantage of being home and experimenting a bit more with some of the treats my family and friends so love. I thought, in this time, everyone could use a bit of a treat and right now I had the time to get it right. Please take a look at my shop where I have come up with some classic and some with twists to classic recipes.

Having some dietary restrictions, I like to know exactly what I’m eating and where its sourced from as much as possible. I try to use simple ingredients and even make my own vanilla extract at home.

As a treat and a general welcome to my shop, I’ve created a coupon “grandopening” that will give you a 10% discount on your first order.

The confections in the shop are just the ones that have been favourites with my family and friends. If you feel like something special or unique, please contact me and lets brainstorm on what treats we can come up with together.